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It's About Breathing: Playing Trombone with Asthma

Murray Polson

Murray Polson

Asthma and the trombone both depend on air flow: asthma constricts that flow while the trombone needs a smooth and plentiful supply. A life-long asthmatic, Murray shares some personal thoughts on breathing and playing trombone.
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Articles by Brad Howland

Coping With Change As Brass Players Age
Here are four areas of change that brass players should be aware of, for success performing in the later stages of life.

The Aging Brass Player
My 40th birthday was approaching at the speed of light, so naturally thoughts turned to aging and how it affects brass players. Along with the usual mid life activities (e.g. taking up jogging, buying a motorcycle, and watching the movie American Beauty), I decided to do a little research into this topic and see what I could find out (just kidding about the motorcycle).

Play Without Pain: Repetitive Use Injuries and What To Do About Them
Brass players can suffer wrist and arm pain, tendinitis, shoulder problems, neck strain, and chronic upper and lower back pain. In physiotherapy, our complaints are known collectively as “Repetitive Use Injuries,” or RUIs. I managed to eliminate the pain that bothered me for many years using a holistic approach and a combination of activities. We need to examine all aspects of our lives, and try to make the small gradual changes that lead to success.